Our Mission

Newsdab honors great journalists, excellence in journalism and noble ethics in the art of storytelling.

Who are we?

  • We are dramatically obsessed with telling the truth, fair, objective reporting and simply doing the right thing.

  • Newsdab is anti-establishment media, anti-mainstream news platform which gives voice to those who could not be heard otherwise.

  • Our mission is to make journalism what it should be, greater than ever before, and destroy the deceptive status quo of evil opinion makers, once called mainstream media, the enemies of fair reporting and investigative journalism based on facts, those who exercise their own philosophies at the expense of plain truth and unbiased broadcast.

  • Newsdab does not manipulate, customize or paint facts in politically correct, ideological, one-sided tone. We do not deceive to meet the tastes and cater to liberals or conservatives, not to the left or right, nor the middle. Newsdab’s domain is truth, truth and only truth thus we convey to People who value just that. Our battle is to rescue truth from extinction and bring back its dignity.

  • We address the fake news problem by giving The People the ability to act as censors through marking stories as True or Fake.

  • The Public can judge for themselves  and sort out our Leaderboard page to follow authors with the highest number of Trues and find out who scored the most Fakes.

  • Our independent journalists and contributors are not influenced by any interests, sponsors or advertisement money. We rely solely on small individual subscription contributions that break down to an equivalent of less than a cup of coffee per month.

  • We have no formal newsroom - everyone takes full responsibility for their content. We have no editor in chief who directs the agenda and sets editorial guidelines to please targeted audience, principals or stakeholders.

  • We believe that news and storytelling can be not only informative and educational but also presented in a beautiful, appealing way using stunning images, videos and state of the art multimedia technology. Each story is meant to present as a piece of art providing admirable, exquisite and fascinating visual experience that moves the heart, soul and mind.

  • Our pay-per-view compensation algorithm distributes 50% of all subscription proceeds to original content authors on weekly bases. We also take into consideration the True/Fake clicks ratio for each contributor.

Newsdab is news for People, by People, with People, unlike any other media.

We advocate freedom of speech and encourage diverse opinions, commentary, open discussion, total independence.

We emphasize truthful telling things exactly as they are by following highest ethical standards.

We do not serve any dogma other than pure truth which is our core value.

We are not just another news organization reinventing the wheel.  

We are at war with the enemies of the true press.

We are the rebels leading the movement to change news media.

Newsdab - see different.

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